Meet The Founder,

Harsha Chigurupati

Bellion Vodka was founded in 2012 by Harsha Chigurupati.

After graduating from Boston University, Chigurupati worked for his family’s pharmaceutical company until launching Chigurupati Technologies in 2006. There he focused on reducing the negative attributes of everyday consumed food & drugs, without removing any of the desired effects.

Chigurupati developed NTX after many years of research in order to address many of the common concerns for people who drink alcohol.

NTX is a proprietary blend of FDA approved ingredients: Licorice Root ExtractMannitol (manna sugar), and Potassium Sorbate (white salt). Each of these ingredients are also classified as GRAS, aka “Generally Recognized As Safe” by the FDA.


NTX Technology has been developed and validated through multiple rounds of human clinical trials costing over $40 million. In addition, there have been numerous scientific, peer-reviewed articles published for the public.

During the NTX clinical trials, many of the world’s first discoveries regarding alcohol’s impact on the human body were made. One discovery being alcohol’s negative impact on human DNA in as little as 2 hours after drinking alcohol and another being its correlation to an increase in oxidative stress in as little as 15 minutes after drinking. Over 50 global patents were created during this process.

Chigurupati believes he created a new category of science-meets-consumption category of spirits that he calls “functional spirits:” those that have science applied to them to “give you a smarter choice.”