Bellion Vodka 750mL

Bellion Vodka 750mL

Bellion Vodka is the world’s first “functional spirit”. Made with NTX Technology, Bellion addresses many of the common concerns of alcohol consumption without removing any of the desired effects.

Bellion is naturally sweet and 6x distilled to bring functionality and flavor to every sip. Enjoy an additional layer of essence in your traditional cocktails so you can eliminate the need for sugary mixers in your next drink.

Tasting Notes:

  • Aromas: fresh notes of citrus
  • Palette: peppery, spicy, sweet
  • Finish: smooth, crisp, clean

Technical Specs:

  • Made in Fairfield, CA
  • 6x Distilled from corn
  • Infused with NTX
  • Gluten Free
  • 80 Proof | 40% ALC/VOL | 750mL

Price: $39.99

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Cocktail Recipes

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Customer Reviews

See why customers love Bellion and have made it their go-to Vodka of choice.


Beautiful bottle and design & amazing taste ! So smooth. It was a big hit at an event and everyone loved the flavor and felt great next day as well!

– Karina White


Excellent customer service. Resolved an issue I had with shipping efficiently and fast. Offered a discount for the inconvenience. They truly are customer focused!! Bellion is my preferred choice in vodka now.

– Patricia Clark


As an older refined Vodka drinker I have to say that I love I am in love with Bellion! It’s taste goes down as easily straight as mixed in a cocktail. A pleasant smell, and I enjoy one a day as my evening cocktail, and will substitute no other!

– Anne Bello